Warsaw Social is partnering with Warsaw Local

Warsaw Social is partnering with the Polish start-up Warsaw Local.

What is Warsaw Local?

Warsaw Local is a fresh new start-up in the Polish scene. It’s aims and mission is to help internationals who might not speak Polish find businesses and services that speak their language, but not only that. Warsaw Local is also a place for anybody, local or expat to discover and share their experiences through a review system.

Why is Warsaw Social partnering

Our ethics and mission statement at Warsaw Social is that no one should ever be sat at home alone. In the last 12 months we have provided 100+ events for free! And we already have another 100+ free events planned.

After seeing the positive reach we have had on peoples lives in Warsaw, we would like to expand and help others in different areas. We don’t want ANYBODY to be sat at home alone because they don’t feel comfortable with the language or for native pole who want to break away norm and meet new friends in a international crowd.

By supporting Warsaw Local, you are supporting the growth of Warsaw Social to other areas of Poland and help keep all our events free.

How can you help?

Warsaw Local is about finding businesses in Warsaw that speak more than Polish. If you ever come across a business or service that provides their services in Russian, German, English, Spanish or any other language, contact them and let them know.

You, as a Warsaw Social member can also support the growth by leaving reviews at venues you have visited in Warsaw and by also liking their Facebook page.

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About Warsaw Social

The aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals.

In the space of just fourteen months we grown to become the biggest and most active events group in Warsaw and our membership size is only growing.

Warsaw Social aim to host five to eight events every single week.

Attending an event, but worried about coming alone? Don’t be! Robert and Joanna will your event hosts and they are always easy to find.

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