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Warsaw Social host up to seven events a week aim at connecting people with the same passions.

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Warsaw Social MeetUp reaches 4000 members

Warsaw Social has officially reached over 4000 members on our group page. This is a great achievement for us and we’d like to thank all our supporters and followers for helping us reach this goal. The Beginnings was the birth place of Warsaw Social. Before creating our Facebook page, which currently sits at […]

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Łódź Social Officially Launches

After three years of working closely with the international community, hosting more than eight hundred events, growing a community to more than 30,000 people across different platforms we are officially expanding and creating our second group: Łódź Social What is the aim of Łódź Social? Warsaw Social was initially created to help the international community easily […]

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About Warsaw Social

The aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals.

In the space of just fourteen months we grown to become the biggest and most active events group in Warsaw and our membership size is only growing.

Warsaw Social aim to host five to eight events every single week.

Attending an event, but worried about coming alone? Don’t be! Robert and Joanna will your event hosts and they are always easy to find.

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