Łódź Social Officially Launches

After three years of working closely with the international community, hosting more than eight hundred events, growing a community to more than 30,000 people across different platforms we are officially expanding and creating our second group: Łódź Social

What is the aim of Łódź Social?

Warsaw Social was initially created to help the international community easily network and make new friends. As our community grew and grew our mission changed to the idea of helping connect like-minded people that share the same interests and hobbies. We hope to spread this idea of connecting people. In Łódź we for example want to bring together those that are passionate about volleyball, those that are seek new chess opponents or just those that are searching to make new friends through a large range of different event ideas.

First Event

On 4th August we hosted our first ‘Make new Friends in Łódź’ event which followed the same style as the very first event we hosted in Warsaw. It was a great success, due to the fact that members of Warsaw Social were able spread the message and bring together the international community of Łódź.

The event was hosted at Piwoteka Pub (6 Sierpnia 1/3). There was a great atmosphere between the 30+ people that attended with many languages spoken. We had people from Qatar, Cuba, Russia, England, Germany, Poland and many others attending.

The future of Łódź Social

After the great success of the first event, we see a bright future for Łódź Social. We already have more events planned including karaoke and volleyball in the up and coming weeks. You can keep up to date with events happening in Łódź on our calendar. You can also join the local community and interact with those on the Łódź Social Facebook page.

How you can support the growth

We are a community and we see you all as our family. Nothing carries more value in terms of growth than attending events and sharing your experience with friends. Word of mouth if what we place the success of Warsaw Social on, so through hard work and creating good quality events in Łódź we hope the international community in Łódź can do the same.

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About Warsaw Social

The aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals.

In the space of just fourteen months we grown to become the biggest and most active events group in Warsaw and our membership size is only growing.

Warsaw Social aim to host five to eight events every single week.

Attending an event, but worried about coming alone? Don’t be! Robert and Joanna will your event hosts and they are always easy to find.

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