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Mafia Role suggestions

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      Please share any fun or unique ideas you have for characters for our Mafia Role playing games


        Forensic pathologist: He can figure out who the mafia members are, by examining the corpses. He may select one person each night. If this person is the same the mafia selected for elimination at given night, then the identity of the mafia members will be revealed to him.

        Snitch: mafia member. At one point of the game (determined by the game master) he will turn into an ordinary citizen. Therefore, his goal is to make the citizens execute the other mafia members, while avoiding being voted out, or being executed by fellow mafia members.

        Godfather: mafia member. As the sovereign ruler of the underworld, his goal is not for the mafia to win, but to stay alive until the end of the game. Must be voted out last. Otherwise, the town will be overrun by the remaining mafia members, and the citizens will be massacred.

        Lucky bastard: This player draws two cards at the beginning of the game. He looks at both and keeps the one he wants. He puts back the other card into the deck.

        Heartbreaker: This player may activate her special ability only once. She may change the votes of up to three people. She may activate her ability even from beyond the grave.

        Governor/Priest: may select up to three people to protect. The mafia may not eliminate these people until the very end of the game, when they are the only citizens left. If they are citizens, that is.

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        Warsaw Social

          wow! Great ideas! We will be sure to add some of them to our next events.

          Andrii Yablonskyi

            I’d like to suggest the idea for a gaming process which seems to be really logical after today’s event.
            I’ve noticed several people were unable to tell what they think, because they were constantly interrupted by louder, more active participants.
            Therefore I’d like to suggest to add one thing from Classic Mafia Rules: a 30 seconds right to talk to every participant of the game with the silence policy for others at that time.
            I suggest to try it at least once and you shall see how good it’s gonna effect the gaming process.
            Thank you.

            Warsaw Social

              Great idea Andrii! We will do this next game. Thank you for your feedback.

              Undercover agent – He is a policeman that is part of mafia, however he will know who the real policeman is and try to protect him. While nobody will know who he is, however mafia will know(or maybe suspect) that one among them is the undercover agent. If a policeman points at him the game master will give confirm that undercover agent is a mafia member, and he will participate in the killing as any other mafia member.

              I imagine it that in first round, game master tells agent to wake up, and policeman to raise hand(while asleep). So that the agent should know who to protect. Then after that game continues as normal with agent waking up with mafia members.

              Also a game master can not include an undercover agent, but still do the wake up undercover agent speech, just to create some paranoia among mafia.

              Warsaw Social

                Great idea Alek. We will be sure to add this role to future games.

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