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There are multiple ways to prepare for a journey to another country. You can either be spontaneous, relying only on the information about your flight time or you may as well  do a bit of early research in regards to the city of your destination. Second option provides you with a valuable information about the environment you’re about to experience, giving you a chance to be well prepared for most of possibilities.

However, if you decide to travel and arrange your trip according to your passions and most exciting places, you will have much better chance of taking full advantage of your adventure.

We all have different  reasons for visiting foreign countries, but there are a few guidelines which seem to be common for everybody. One simply needs to sleep somewhere, eat something and find what’s most related to them  in the city.

That’s why we’ve chosen 6 free apps which you should download on your mobile before coming to Warsaw and arrange your free time in advance. So while you’re here, you feel as good as fish in the sea.


Before deciding where to sleep, you should know where to go in order to be as close as you can to your chosen destinations. Nobody likes to use public transport too much especially in  rush hours. If you want to explore Warsaw efficiently, this app will surely help you. It does not only show you concerts, meetings, movies, programs and other events in the city. This application also gives you the possibility to purchase tickets and keep them on your phone. It means, you can get yourself multiple entrances before landing in Poland.

What is very unique about GOING as well, is that you can create your own calendar of events you’re interested in. While using it you keep an eye on your schedule and every show you actually want to see. For those using google calendar it might be inconvenient, but we recommend dividing your apps and using this one only to arrange your stay and activities , while in the other one you manage everything else you’re used to.


When your cultural desires are fulfilled, you probably would like to explore the historic parts of the city, right? In Warsaw, every street has its secrets and mysteries. Some of them are already restored and some are still carrying the signs of the past.  Not every one of them is to be enjoyed, but this capitol has its brave and heroic history to tell.In some parts of it you can easily feel or see it in the architecture, culture and energy around you.

CITY PATHS was designed for everybody with a bit time to choose out any of 9 paths around different regions of Warsaw. Sightseeing with this app is way more fun and easier for foreigners as the application provides you with important and interesting facts.

How does it work? You choose the path title, e.g. ‚Warsaw in 60th’, put on your headphones and travel back in time with soft voice explaining to you the history of what you see.

It’s a perfect solution for those who are not fans of doing sightseeing in big groups  and prefer to be their own, independent guides.


After you decide what to do in the city and where to go, you should plan where to stay. Have you heard about couchsurfing? You probably did but have you ever had a chance try use this fabulous initiative?

Imagine that there are people around the globe who would love YOU to stay in their homes for free and exchange your cultural and life experience. You don’t need to search for hotels or airbnbs. You can simply find somebody who’s interests, passions, goals are similar to yours giving yourself a chance to meet somebody of value. We truly believe that connecting with people is crucial for a good journey.

That’s the beauty of this program which connects open minded and open hearted owners of the flats with polite and sociable guests. I’ve experienced that several times, not only in Poland.  I’m still in touch with the “Couch providers” who helped and gave me little space in their flats and the greater part is that after we became friends, they would love me to stay in their places next time, which makes the travels and living easier.

Imagine having friends in Lisbon, Warsaw, London or more exotic places such as Bali, friends who would welcome you with open arms as long as the couch is available.

There are more than 66’000 hosts in the capital of Warsaw and that’s enough for you to be sure, that you can find yourself a nice spot, which will suit you.


Almost every Warsaw citizen, who travels using public transportation combined with mobile  applications has this app installed. To make life easier. It’s incredibly simple, on demand  and probably that’s why it’s very popular.

JAKDOJADĘ.PL means ‚how I would arrive at’ and this app is all about planning your transport  from one place to the other. It helps you to find best and shortest alternatives while you’re going through the city.

Whenever you’re having trouble to get somewhere and you’re wondering if you should take a bus or train you can use JAKDOJADĘ.PL and find the best solution. It will help you also with your previous arrangements. Thanks to GOING and CITY PATHS, you already know what are you up to. You managed  to find yourself the best accomodation, the best events of interest and now you can see how to move around.


You know where to go, you definitely know how to get there and now it’s the most boring part. Money. Everything has its price and we all have to pay for various pleasures and ways we want to travel.

SKYCASH is great chance for you to easily purchase every ticket via your mobile phone. Of course, you need to go from creating the account to adding your bank and card number, but in the end you can pay for every public transport ticket with the device in your pocket.

No queue would matter to you anymore and you wouldn’t have to worry about having or not having coins with you. Not mentioning that printing the tickets is highly bad to the environment and becomes enormous waste.


The WarsawTour app will guide you through the most interesting places in the city in a variety of ways. Once you decide to choose a walk you will see your preferences on the map and a list of attractions on the drop down menu.

You will learn more about them thanks to detailed descriptions of each place. Information about museum opening hours and restaurant phone numbers will help you to decide which to visit and where to book a table. Once you get connected to the Internet you can visit the website of each place, map out the route to reach them and get the information about public transport connections. Intuitive icons will let you easily identify each kind of attraction on the map. The description of each walk as well as a key to icons can be found in the menu.

You can also have fun and create your own route combining two selected walks.

The app can be used offline and allows you to track your location via GPS.


Last, but not least and for some definitely the most enjoyable part. Food. Comparing to several main European capitals, dining out in Warsaw offers a very high standard.

The quality and variety of food and restaurants is constantly increasing. There are more and more unique places where you can enjoy great meal,  served by welcoming and friendly stuff and relax surrounded by a great environment.

Using ZOMATO is very easy. It allows you to compare all the places in Warsaw, see their  menus, go through photos of the restaurants and read the comments of visitors. You won’t end up lost as this application shows you the exact directions and tips on how to get to places.

It’s available in 150 countries so it might be useful  in your hometown as well!

We believe that even the best organized trip may eventually be full of unpredictable, unexpected moments and choices. You cannot plan everything. That’s how our lives are more exciting and full of novelties.  knowing your assets, however, gives you an advantage of finding exactly what you’re looking for.

Having basic information about the capital of Poland before your arrival will certainly help meeting your expectations and fill your journey with amazing memories you would love to bring back home.

Next time you’re planning to visit us, check out what the city can give you before you show up. Did we miss a good app? Let us know in the comments.

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