Warsaw Social fitness boot-camp with Fit Progress

Warsaw Social fitness boot-camp with Fit Progress

Sunday, 29th May 2016 Warsaw Social and Karol Henning of Fit Progress joined forces for one of the very first free fitness boot-camps in Warsaw, Poland that was held in only English.

The event begin in the beautiful pole mokotowskie (one of our favorite parks in Warsaw), and 12 Warsaw Social members were ready and waiting with the their bottles of water and brave faces on.

Fit Progress had already set up a great selection of different activities with a large selection of equipment. Karol then took a moment to explain all the different activities available:


Before we could start with the ‘fun’ activities and to make sure we were correctly warmed up Karol insisted on four intense interval sets of push-ups, squats, planks, lunges and other exercise names we wish to forget.


After we were correctly warmed up, we split in to different groups to work on the different activities lied out. There was a selection of exercises based on balance improvement, agility, strength and much more.



Karol Henning of Fit Progress is an expert at what he does. Not only is he experienced in his field, he is also a fun guy that makes the boot-camps feel much more personal than stomping away on a treadmill for hours on end. Here at Warsaw Social we can not speak highly enough of the professionalism witnessed from Fit Progress. We would fully recommend Fit Progress for all your fitness needs.

If you’re interested in becoming the best you can be then why not contact Fit Progress and arrange a personal 1-to-1 session. If you let them know you’re from Warsaw Social then you can get your first one hour session for free!



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