Local Photographer: Jon Manschot

Local Photographer: Jon Manschot

Warsaw Social was recently contacted by Warsaw local photographer Jon Manschot to see if we would like some more professional images than the standard Mobile phone images we usually take at events and this has to be one of the best decisions we have ever taken, apart from just being cool and relaxed he was extremely profesisonal and polite in asking people if they would like to be included in the photos being taken.

Here is a self written intro:

My name is Jon Manschot and I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). I moved to Poland to be with my Polish fiancee, Ula. She’s 41 weeks pregnant at the moment so going to be a father any day now. I teach English at Speak Up and a couple of other schools and am in the process of developing my photography business. I like art, reading, and spending time at my friend’s dzialka.

We do not have enough kind words for Jon and his work! We at Warsaw Social would full recommend him to anyone looking for the best professional Photographer in Warsaw. Don’t just take our word for it, check out his amazing work below.

Pictures taken at our event: Facebook Event

Portfolio: Website

And if you like his work then make sure you check him out on Facebook and ‘Like’ his page here.


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