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Warsaw Social is the leader is providing high-quality events in Warsaw. With every event we host we always aim to provide a good social experience with the opportunity to either learn a new skill or master a skill you already posses. At Warsaw Social we always try to present our events in English with the support of a local Polish speaker, however we understand that the international community in Warsaw is much larger than that. It is for that reason we are trialing a new event format called Warsaw Language Tandem.

The idea of the Warsaw Language Tandem event is there will be four different tables with four different languages being spoken on each:

Polish table
English table
French table
Spanish table

(We plan to add more languages in the future depending on the event popularity. As we are trying this event for the first time we are limiting it to the above four languages.)

Each table will have two piles of random questions. One will be labelled ‘beginner’ and the other will be labelled ‘advance’. The event is called ‘lucky dip’ because you never know what the subject will be.

We start by going clockwise around the group and the person that picked up the card must start the conversation from what is written on the card. The subject will change every 10-15 minutes.

Examples of ‘beginner’ subjects:

And many more

Examples of ‘advance’ subjects:

The worst customer service I’ve ever received was…
What is something you are obsessed with?
Which recent news story have you found interesting?
And many more

If somebody selects an advance subject and you don’t feel comfortable speaking you’re welcome to just listen. The aim of this event is to either learn or share. No will one will judge you for trying to improve.


We tried our first Warsaw Language Tandem on the 19th December and we received some great feedback! We have taken on board the requested languages and plan to expand future events to include them.

You can see pictures from our first event on the Warsaw Social Facebook page .

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