Veturilo bikes are back

Veturilo bikes are back

To all the bike fans, Veturilo bikes are back after being removed for the winter. The system will be back live, starting from 1st March 2016.

What are Veturilo bikes?

Veturilo is a cool system where you can own a bike, without the costs of paying the full cost upfront and dealing with the maintenance.

You simply create an own online account with your Polish mobile number, you visit one of the many stations (not only Warsaw, they have them in other major Polish cities too), enter your phone number, secret password and the bike number that can be found printed on the bike. Once you have enter this information, the bike is released and you can begin your journey.


Initial set up fee 10 PLN

1 to 20 minutes 0 PLN
from 21 to 60 minutes 1 PLN
Second hour 3 PLN
Third hour 5 PLN
The fourth and each additional hour 7 PLN
Fee for exceeding 12 hours hire 200 PLN

Basically you can ride all year round for 10zl as long as you stay within the 20 minute range. If you are about to reach the 20 minute time frame, you can simply dock the bike and take another and the 20 minute timer is reset.


– There are 240 stations in Warsaw

– The bikes are online 24 hours a day!

– There are 374,821 active users

You can create an account on their website and you can see a map of all the stations here


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