The future of sports events

The nights are slowly becoming earlier and earlier and this is having a big impact on the length of our weekday sports events. Our regular Thursday volleyball event has gone from ending at 21:30-22:00 to ending this week at 20:30 due to the poor light. We will not be stopping all events, and we actually have some sports events planned for winter too.


This year was our first year trying a weekly volleyball event and it was a great success! Some events reaching more than sixty people. At the start of the season we had one full size net and now we have two. Next year we are planning to have four full size nets with ground markings.

We found this year to have a lot of serious players that attended regularly. This has given us an idea of next year hosting a friendly Warsaw Social Volleyball torment. We will keep you all updated.

We tried this year switching between a grass playing location and a beach location on the ‘beach’ near the National Stadium. The number of people attending more than tripled, so in the future Volleyball will most likely be hosted on grass only.


Here at Warsaw Social we are always looking for new and interesting ideas, but Speedminton found us. Appearing in recommended section of YouTube, we were instantly drew us in with its fast pace and action packed movements. If you did not have the opportunity to try the sport this year we hope you’ll give it a try next year as it is extremely fun.

When we try our first Speedmiton event we wanted to ‘test the water’ of the event before investing in to the equipment, by using volleyball ground markings and bright vests for creating squares required to play. As the event grew in popularity we bought more rackets and higher quality shuttlecocks. However, quality of our event greatly increase thanks to the very generous donation by Dr Lidia Bomirska, who is is partner of Speedminton. She gave Warsaw Social the official ground markings and two starter sets of rackets which were much better quality than what we had sourced.

Nearing the end of the long nights the event became more and more popular. With our biggest event being close to 20 people. We are still currently playing in September as we bought some lights that you can attach to the shuttlecocks to make them glow in the dark. Making them easier to hit, but also adding a new fun dynamic to the game.

This sports still works OK in winds, but with the winter coming and the winds growing stronger, we will most likely stop this sport late September and begin again late April 2019.


Football has been one of our most consist sports event this year. Last year we hosted the event only once or twice a month, however this year we made it a permanent Sunday event. It has been a great success with a good group of regular players attending each week. Creating a good community atmosphere.

We found a much bigger playing area this year than what we had last year which was also half the size. Last year we played on hard ground, but the pitch this year was fake grass and very welcomed by most players.

We have already played two games in the rain and still had a good turnout. Most players have already expressed their will to keep playing in the winter and we listen. Warsaw Social will keep the weekly Sunday football events alive until we can’t get a regular group of 12 to 14 players. If you want to see this event keep going throughout the winter then please attend when you have the opportunity.

We have been asked about indoor football and it is something that we would like to do, but we are yet to find an indoor venue of a reasonable price. We try our best here at Warsaw Social to provide either free or reasonably price events for both those that work or students living on a budget.


Kayaking is one of our personal favorite summer events and this year was no different. We previously only hosted three kayaking events a year, but due to the high demand we added an extra date. We also increased our group size from 10 to 16 people. Making it more of a social event.

Obviously kayaking is very weather dependent. Due to the lowering temperature our last planned kayaking event will be in early September and will return next year hopefully in June or July by the latest.

Other Sports

This year we tried for the first time ‘street hockey’ which is a take on ice hockey but played with just standard sports shoes on hard ground. The events were not as popular as expected so we won’t be repeating the event anymore in 2018, but it will return next year.

‘Frisbee Football’ which is our take on the game Ultimate Frisbee has been a popular game of Warsaw Social since our early days as it did not require as much equipment as for example badminton or volleyball does. This event is highly impacted by winds and low-light so these events ended late August.

Planned Sports related events in Winter

This year we are going to try our best to event an indoor volleyball court. As mentioned above outdoor football will go for as long as people still attend, but it is unlikely we will find a suitable indoor pitch.
Table Tennis

Table tennis was a popular winter event last year. We use to host it only once a month, but with the growth of Warsaw Social and the demand from our community we will trial table tennis twice a month.

In the same building as the table tennis location there is a bowling alley, so we normally host the same event on the same day, at different hours with different event hosts. It is a great social event, but it is more of work out than you might expect. Throwing a 10kg ball every two minutes gets your blood moving.

We have a few secret events planned that we do not want to announce yet, but please remember that Warsaw Social is a community group and we were built on suggestions. If you ever have an event idea, even if it is not sports related just let us know. If there is a cool bar or club you want to go to send us a message, we can create an event and we can all go as a group.

A big thank you to everyone that has had this summers sports event such a great success and fun. We look forward to seeing you all on future events.

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