Ryanair Switch Warsaw Flights To Chopin Airport

Ryanair Switch Warsaw Flights To Chopin Airport

Starting from October, Ryanair’s service to Warsaw will switch from Modlin to Chopin airport.

The change is presumably being made in order to aid more business travellers, many of whom have decided to snub Ryanair’s Modlin flights due to a lack of convenience. Modlin airport is located some 38km from the capital, and commutes via bus or bus and train can take around 50 minutes.

That extra time has made travelling by car or PKP’s Pendolino service more attractive to business, irrespective of Ryanair’s cheap fares. The move to Chopin will significantly speed up the overall journey times, while also allowing passengers to tap into the wide variety of connections the country’s biggest airport has to offer.

The move does not represent a complete Ryanair departure from Modlin airport however, as the budget airline have also announced new routes from Modlin to Belfast, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Leeds, Newcastle, Porto, Toulouse and Valencia.


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