Great news for our regular members! We are introducing a monthly membership card to make the process of visiting a Warsaw Social event smoother than ever. View Pricing

While Warsaw Social does host between five to ten free events a month, we also host some events that require an entry fee to help cover the cost of the equipment. This fee is 5zl (about one euro). This fee is normally used on events that required the replaced of items such as on the art events, the sports event and board game events, were new equipment is required to keep the events possible.

By purchasing one of our membership cards you can attend all of the 5zl events for free until the card expires. We host more than twenty events every month, so if you attend more than four events a month you can save money!

The cards are of credit card quality and size, so they will easily fit in to a standard wallet. When purchasing a membership card through our website you have the choice of selecting 30 days, 60 days and 120 days. The date the card will expire is stamped in to the card like the numbers on a credit card. There is also a QR code that you must present to your Warsaw Social event host so they can validate your membership.

When purchasing a membership card you have the choice to have it posted to you or you can collect it from a Warsaw Social event host.

Events that are free with or without a membership

Make New Friends in Warsaw – Saturday night meeting
Business Networking events
Language exchange/Language tandems
Tribute concerts at the Hard Rock Cafe Warsaw
Open mic music events
Rock Climbing
Dance Lessons
And more…

Please check every event listing. We will always clearly state if the event is free or requires an entry fee.

Events that are free with a membership card

All Pub Quiz events
Beer and Drawing
All board game events (Jigsaw puzzles, Monoploy and more)
Mafia Game Event
Origami & Beer
Football (soccer)
Zombie Sport game
Frisbee Football
Badminton (outdoor)
Volleyball (outdoor)
Travelers Speed Networking
Business Speed Networking
Sports Games
Knife Fight (defense practice)
Sport Reaction Time Training
Learn Rope Knots
And more…

Events that are discounted

Some events require Warsaw Social to rent equipment, hire a professional person or rent a space and these events require a payment from both membership card holders and non-holders. Membership card holders will receive a discount price on these events.

Wining Tasting
Speed Dating
Escape room
Badminton (indoor)
Volleyball (indoor)

These lists are subject to change. Please always carefully read the event listing page and it will always be clearly listed.

By purchasing a membership card you are also support Warsaw Social. You will be helping the staff to continue hosting events every single day.

We also support Bitcoin payments. You can discover Where Accepts Bitcoin in Warsaw and also review Warsaw Social if you are also a Bitcoin supporter.

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About Warsaw Social

The aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals.

In the space of just fourteen months we grown to become the biggest and most active events group in Warsaw and our membership size is only growing.

Warsaw Social aim to host five to eight events every single week.

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