Halloween in Warsaw: 5 Ways To Celebrate in the City

1. The Historian: Old Town Cellars Guided Tour

old town cellars warsaw

Warsaw is an old city. So old that even the quaintest, cutest, tightest twists and turns in every part of the city house legends, ghosts, and fire breathing bazylisks.

The “Old Town Cellars” guided tours with Pawel Los [English] is a must and the first on our list, why? This tour goes underground to detail some of the oldest and most forgotten parts in the Old Town of Warsaw. This tour describes the legends of a medieveal and headless servant that still haunts tourists after dark – along with other ghosts, goblins, and dead priests. And this tour is guided by a historian and is offered every day till the 30th OF OCTOBER at 14:00, 14:30 & 15:00 [ offered in 3 different languages at every time].

old town cellars

2. The Thriller: Warsaw Horror House

warsaw horror house

This is an old-fashioned American MUST.

Going to a Horror House was a right of passage once, but will now and forever be known as the fun, but ultimately regrettable cleansing of our fear pallets.

Bring your friends, bring your siblings, indulge in the inevitable fear of running around corners bathed in flickering lights, college kids dressed as deranged clowns and be young, afraid, and laugh at the pictures you’ve willingly paid to laugh at now.

warsaw horror house

3. The Great Halloween Escape: Escape Plan Warsaw

escape plan warsaw

Do you love horror films? Ever yell at the screen when the blonde runs toward the noise, when the jock storms in to rescue his friends, when a group of unsuspecting friends get muredered in a film you can predict every part of?

Now’s your chance to live it all. Check out Warsaw’s Escape room located just across the Palace of Culture and bring your friends! They are currently featuring a “Scary Hospital” that’s a must see…or something you can at least out-live to tell your friends.

4. The Tradition: Powazki Cemetary

Cmentarz_ ydowski_na_Woli_1

I think many of us think of, or at least can associate “Dia De Los Muertos” or “Day of the Dead” as a holiday celebrated in Mexico. What some of us visiting Poland for the first time might not know is just how important “Swieto Zmarlych,” or “All saints Day” is to Polish citizens.

Swieto Zmarlych is celebrated this year on the 1st of November and is a day when many mourn the dead by going to the graves of their loved ones, cleaning up, lighting candles, setting flowers, and saying a prayer in a ceremony that unites many Poles.

On the 2nd of November many Poles also celebrate “Zaduski” or “All Souls Day.”  This is a day of prayer for all souls and is equally as important to the many Poles that don’t celbrate the Western holiday of Halloween.

5. International in Warsaw: Halloween Party


Costumes, games, and some spiked apple cider in the middle of the city. Warsaw Social Group.

If you’d like to dress as a loveable tiger or a zombie princess lifted from the dead, this is the place to get down for the night and meet other internationals and locals in Warsaw.

Get dressed, get ready, and bring your friends to this FREE EVENT that is sure to surpass every party before it. We are the life of the party after all …

Are there any other Halloween spots or events we missed from the list? Mentioned them in the comments, or on our Facebook or Meet Up Page.

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