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Do you want to take cheaper, faster, safer taxis in Warsaw, Poland without even needing to speak English? Well you’ll be happy to hear there is a solution: Uber

What is Uber?

It is a taxi app that allows you to order a car through your smartphone. It is linked with google maps, so if you don’t speak Polish the driver will already know your location and destination through the magic of GPS. Plus you can see the car driving towards you on the app and you can follow the route via your phone so you know you’re not getting taken the longest route possible. Uber is also about 30% cheaper than a standard taxi.

How to claim your free 25zl ride?

There are two options. You can either simply sign up via this link or or if you’re on a smartphone you can download the app (Apple | Android) and you enter the coupon code: uberwarsawsocial

This code can only be added once at the sign up stage. If you do not enter this code you will not receive your free 25zl credit.

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