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Join Warsaw Social for our latest outdoor sports event ‘Street Hockey’ and make the most of the Polish summer. Street Hockey is similar to ice hockey but played just in standard shoes. You don’t need any special equipment or gear as Warsaw Social has ten hockey sticks and two goals.

This event is held at Piłsudski Square, closest to Warsaw Metropolitan.

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This event starts at 18:30 and finishes about 20:30-21:00 depending on sun light.

How to play Street Hockey?

– There are two teams. One team wears hi-vis jackets and the other team doesn’t
– You must use the provided hockey stick to hit a ball in to the opponents goal.
– You cannot use your hands or feet to move the ball
– The winning team is first to score 5 goals and then we switch the teams.

This is a Street Hockey event but there is also a big focus of socializing. There is a nice grass area if you just want to relax and we have a music system to bring that summer vibe. We also have lots of bottles of iced water for free.

How much does this event cost?

There is a small fee of 12zl to cover the rental costs of the nets and hockey sticks. You must reserve your place on the website and you can’t pay on the day as we need to pay a deposit for the equipment rental in advance.

This event is brought to you by Warsaw Social. The aim of Warsaw Social is to help internationals in Warsaw integrate with the locals. We have a large member base of Polish, but we also have members from England, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, China and much more!

Video message from the event hosts:

June 01 2017


Date: June 1
Time: 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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