Eat Ecologically in Warsaw

If you’re thinking that this is another article promoting ecological lifestyle, you’re mistaken. This one refers to you. Your health, your condition, your future. The truth is that you are what you eat.

If you don’t pay attention and you don’t search for best solutions, it’s easy to end up not knowing what you actually put in your mouth and where it came from.  

Being said, we want to reveal to you how to approach food in Warsaw wisely and ecologically. While shopping for food you need to be certain that not only everything ending up in your stomach is healthy, environmentally friendly and extremely tasty, but also you can think about yourself as somebody who cares for the others and our Planet.


50% of produced plastic is used only once and thrown away. Majority of packaging leaves micro-plastic in the food that is slowly damaging your body. Plastic bags kill 100 000 species on the entire world every year and you are contributing to that. Why? Because they’re being made for you. You’re in the end of the process. If there’s a buyer, there’s demand and there is production. Simple, right?

There are several places in Warsaw, where you can buy food in your own packaging. You can either bring a jar (which is the best option) or your own bags. You can also get packages at the shops and  keep them for the next use.

One of the example is Nagie z Natury (Naturally Naked). Products are 100% ecological, fresh and homemade. Every product is certified and the owner has a full knowledge about where it came from and how the process of production looked like.

Also it doesn’t cost a fortune and a place  offers many programs as well as different kind of discounts for families or for clients   who bring their own packages.


Most of us had a chance to experience the difference between mass food production and  one made locally on a simple farm, where no pesticides and other chemicals are allowed.

Most of our body problems come from the stuff we are fed with or the stuff which we are actually not. If you want to be healthy, keep your beauty and lead the life free from illnesses, I recommend getting familiar with initiatives written below.  Find time to visit at least one of those places. You’ll definitely find something for yourself and hopefully that won’t be last time you decide to buy healthy food.

Targ Śniadaniowy (Breakfast Market) – Praga Południe, Żoliborz, Mokotów. Food comes from local farmers. You can eat breakfast outside with your fingers touching the grass. Here is a video of when we recently visited:

Wege Bazar (Vege Bazaar) – Wilanów. Ecological food – natural homemade bread, vegan and vegetarian products, dumplings made in traditional way and many others.

Bio Bazar (Bio Bazaar) – Mokotów. Food from ecological farmers and manufacturers. Place to spend time in the open air, enjoying concerts and events.

Warszawski Smak (Warsaw Flavour) – Variety of  places in Warsaw. Food from local suppliers and also from ecological restaurants and culinary bloggers. Great place to come with entire family.


What do you normally do with your leftovers? Did you know that there are nearly 3000 homeless  people in Warsaw? Way more are struggling with lack of food.

With help of  this map, you’re able to easily locate points, where you can drop food that  can feed somebody in need. Thanks to Jadłodzielnia and aware citizens of Warsaw many of people we’re indifferently passing by on the streets can have a decent meal. Is there anything stopping you from participation? Try once and feel the rhythm of help.

There is also an international community that help the homeless in Warsaw and are always happy to accept food donations that might otherwise go to waste.

What about the food that is not quite inedible? Coffee grounds, vegetable and fruits peelings, wilted bouquets?

Motyka i Słońce, OGRÓD Powszechny, Ogród na Paca. Those are the public gardens where you and your food will be welcomed with open hands. They all make composts and grow different plants, veggies and fruits. Participating allows you to use compost for your own needs if you have little garden on the balcony or you’re planting something in your bedroom.

You give and you get. True and beautiful model of living.  

You can also come with your family and friends spending valuable time in the garden. Some of us miss countryside,  for some others sowing endorphins would do very good. The spring season has started and the weather should be magnificent from now on.


It’s all about changing the habits. Distinguishing those being good and ethical from the ones that don’t give anything valuable to you or the world. You probably changed some of them during your life. Perhaps  you quit smoking? Stopped eating fast food or driving your car like crazy? Well, I’ve stopped all of them during last six months. I learned that the beginning might be inconvenient but it’s a matter of adapting. And once  you adapt, what comes next is simply magnificent.

Living in the city is not an excuse. Solutions are way more closer than you think. You just need to be aware of the world you live in and make the first step. Start with one single habit. Which one would it be?

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