Beach Away From Warsaw

The one thing I miss about home is our summers. Our summers included food festivals, concerts in the city, the beach and other notes of nostalgia.


Moving to Warsaw, I thought I’d have to forgo that luxury, but last week, during one of the hottest weeks in Warsaw, we escaped to Zalew Zegrzyński.


A “zalew” is literally something that is “poured over,” or in this case, a man made beach. This Zalew is located on Lake Zegrzyńskie and is less than an hour’s drive away from Pałac Kultury and a two hour bus ride from Rondo ONZ.

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After finding a spot on the beach, we spent the next four hours swimming, riding pedal boats and watching jet skies and whale-sized bananas bounce in cool and choppy waters.

The noise of the city was replaced by laughter and splashing. The rush of the city was forgotten and measured in how fast someone could run into the lake, how quickly we could swim to the shore, how loud we could cannonball off the pier and into the water below us.


For a moment, it felt like home.


We watched children covered in floaties and plastic pink donuts, hungover 20-year-olds with tattoo’s like “live is hell,” and yorkies selling windsurfing gear with their blonde and sunburned owners.


It was an escape. Zalew Zegrzyński is a place you can step away from the city and come back revitalized. A place where you can take your children or relax on the shores, away from your problems, and into a nap in the sun just outside of Warsaw.


Are there any other great escapes just a n hour or two outside of Warsaw? Please be sure to add any great suggestions we might have missed in the comments below or on our Facebook or Meet Up Page.

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