5 Cafes to Get Work Done in Warsaw

Every good worker needs a good workspace.

As expats, travelers, or new residents, we often can’t afford, or don’t have the time and space to have multiple offices around the world; hence the advent of the coffee house office. A mobile paradise that changes with your mood, taste, style, pace and always maintains a killer location in the city.

The criteria to qualify for a good coffee house office are as follows:

1. Atmosphere: low & calm music
2. Menu: good food & coffee
3. Accessibility: location, location, location!
4. Space: layout & furniture
5. Supply: WiFi, outlets & information

Here are our 5 Cafe’s to Get Your Work Done in Warsaw

1. Być Może

byc moze

Być Może is a finely tailored café that ticks every one of our boxes: soft and lyric-less music, freshly baked breads for 5zl, creamy pastas and seafood, pastries and a variety of refreshments. This café can be found right at the corner of Pl. Unii Lubelskiej – so it’s connected to a wide variety of public transportation.

Once you arrive you will be greeted by outdoor seating, single seats, booths, a private room, a long table for larger groups and stools overlooking the exterior commotion of the city.

The staff is nice and helpful. The space is well organized and deserves all the high praise it receives in the review section of their Facebook page and all of the unpaid gushing I’ve done here.

Strength: Supply; the owner of this establishment took the time to provide information and anticipate all customer inquiries.

Before coming to Być Może you can take a 360 virtual tour of their establishment, read the menu and watch a video of the experience you can expect before setting foot in the door.

Weekness: If you can find a weakness at Być Może, please mention it in the comments below because I’m at a very tasty loss here…

2. Café Kulturalna


Café Kulturalna is located right in the center of Warsaw and in the beacon that is Pałac Kultury. It’s the perfect spot to meet your friends if they’re new to the city, or to work in relative silence with the ones you already know.

Since Kulturalna is located behind the Palace’s concrete walls and to the right of it’s main entrance, it provides near perfect insulation from bus, tram and tourist chatter that happens just outside of its doors.

The café is also fully stacked in every alcohol, coffee, or tea combination; offering food on the menu as well.

When it’s not providing serenity in the heart of the city, it also doubles as a gallery, event space, and night time exhibition to some of Warsaw’s night life.

Strength: Accessibility; there’s no better place to meet new tourists or old friends than steps away from the main station and inside Pałac Kultury.

Weakness: Supply; Since the palace is about 60 years old, there are a few outlets located on the wall, but not enough to reach some of the tables in the middle of the room. It’s a problem that is understandable and easy to cope with if you find a free seat at a table or sofa at either side of the room.


NOON is clean, pristine and offers a great open space to work in solitude or in large groups. This location has our highest rating in “comfy spots” considering it also doubles as an eclectic furniture store front, just in case the chair you’re sitting in is the one you also want to take home.

Food here is small, including salads, sandwiches, cakes & sweets. The fridge here is also stocked with smoothies, sodas, alcohol and coffee, of course.

Strength: Space; every table has close contact to an outlet or power strip. Working here alone or in groups proves to be an organic and comfortable experience.

Weakness: Atmosphere; this spot can go from deep house, to electro, to Alanis Morisette in 3 seconds flat. Settling on a single vibe or playlist would greatly improve the atmosphere, but doesn’t hinder the overall experience considering most people bring their own headphones.

4. Wrzenie Świata

wrzenie swiata

Wrzenie Świata is THE intellectual hole we’ve all secretly looked for in every library, but could never find. It’s the kind of post university spirit that motivates you to research a little bit more or drink just a little too much coffee in the outside lounge chairs or between a good book.

Although Wrzenie is usually filled with books, coffee and active readers, it is also host to lectures, panels, and book signings.

Strength: Atmosphere; because it’s so quiet here, you’re forced to work on what you’re doing without distractions – and without distracting anyone else.

Weakness: Space; During the summer, the space here triples considering the front and side patio offered outside. Unfortunately, the winter here will most likely move everyone into the small confines of this shop; the upside: warmth.

5. Kafka Café

Kafka is home to it’s own quirky blend of slow roasted strange in a city that is still building it’s café niche.

Kafka is tiles on the floor, a mile-high bookcase, clouds built into the ceiling and a big open space with lawn chairs – and it’s nestled right in the heart of Nowy Świat – without all of the clutter and noise.

Whether you’re here to strictly work, or need to take a look at something interesting between emails, Kafka does not compromise on aesthetics while still doling out amazing food and a few couches when the afternoon blues strike.

StrengthMenu & Space; Aside from being fully stocked with wines, pasta’s, crepes, coffee’s and more, Kafka also has every setting imaginable packed into it’s small interior.

Sit outside and feed the pigeons while on a lunch date, relax with children in the open space, or work at one of the single or bar height tables offered in the space.

WeaknessAtmosphere; this space is eclectic, but the music here sounds like all of the pop hits that never made it to radio play; much less the album.

I’d suggest house or electro to fit the vibe here; something minimal but strange, something that won’t take away from everything good that happens here – inside and outside of these coffee mugs.

Hopefully this list helps to motivate you outside of your hotel WiFi and into a new workspace in Warsaw. Please be sure to add any great suggestions we might have missed in the comments below or on our Facebook or Meet Up Page.

10 thoughts on “5 Cafes to Get Work Done in Warsaw

  • Native Speaker

    Interesting article, however the one thing never mentioned here was the quality of the coffee and surely that should be the starting point concerning a coffee house or is this not important?

    • Other Nativ Spaker

      Good article on quiet placeswith free wifi. However, on the coffee and food topic, If the baristas dont know the diffrence between ristretto an long shots, or between robusta and arabica, or theregion their coffee comes from, I’d sort of question whether or not the qulity of coffee can be that great….. In short there are “barristas” and there are Barristas, if you know hat I mean.

  • Robin

    Review: NOON/NOON –
    So it is closed on sunday
    + i think thy r even on weekdays open for limited time (for someone who sits in cafe till 10-10:30pm)
    Didnt got chance to sit and see if it is actually worth spending time and going there every other day.
    (from outside tables looked low in height- could be a issue if u sit for longer hours and work.

  • Wiola Starczewska

    Hi, thank you for this post, I looove to work from cafes! I’m just sitting and working in cafe Relaks at Puławska 48 and definetely I would add this place to the list!

  • Gee_Em

    Być Może while having nice bread is a nightmare to work in as soon as spring hits, as it get far far far too hot. the bakery and large south facing windows have you sweating a treat, and if you sit outside you have no power, and high traffic.
    Last time I checked Kafka was on Oboźna not Nowy Swiat.

    I’d go with Relaks too, it is great coffee, spacious and easy to get to.
    Or better still if you want fabulous coffee, a great place to work Fabryczna is perfect. Great service and knowledge too, with the added benefit of the bet Flat White in Warsaw if you are Australian 😉

  • Graham Richardson

    Great article. Interesting read and certainly a few new places to visit. 😉

  • Kotyzaplotycafe

    We’d like to invite you to try our venue at Mokotowska 48 – we can provide good coffee, fast wifi and a quiet atmosphere to work in. Hope to see you someday 🙂

  • Jan

    One place is missing – Labour Cafe Deli & Co-working on Tamka 49.
    The name speaks for itself 😛 Not only great food and tasty coffee, but also the atmosphere favouring work

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